Data Liberation and Actionable Analytics

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Early Bird deadline is February 17, 2017
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Data Liberation & Actionable Analytics

February 28 & March 7, 2017
12:00 - 1: 30 PM ET

Registration  Early-Bird Deadline: Feb. 17, 2017

Instructor - Susan Anderson, Managing Director, Orion Health

Actionable Analytics

Canadian healthcare organizations often have sufficient health data on hand to make progress on meaningful, actionable steps with analytics NOW, and do not need to wait for a future when there may be an idealized, elaborate, structured health data model. In other words, the best place to start is where they are. 
The successful journey to actionable analytics is a cyclical passage that should begin not with the data, but rather with the question, outcome or business problem. 

  • A cycle of learning and development is initiated – the use of data will inform follow up questions and outcomes. The result of the cycle will inform gaps in data for subsequent data collection for use, including both health and non-health complimentary data. 

  • This cyclical analytics process provides a means to distil meaning from the expanding data set, to create useful information, distinct from huge volumes of data or "noise."

Expanded Data Domain, Opportunities for Data Liberation

By utilizing new sources of electronic health data to support health system improvements, Canada will realize an important opportunity to achieve the best possible health, the highest-quality care and a sustainable, efficient health system. In this online session, we will examine the value proposition for an array of stakeholders for better use of electronic health data that respects privacy and confidentiality. These include:

  • Patients and their families. 

  • Care providers who advise on, and deliver, the most effective treatments for patients’ health 

  • Policy- and decision-makers, administrators and managers who plan for, manage and allocate 
resources to deliver the highest-quality health services and ensure the system is sustainable in the 
long term.
  • Public health officials who survey and put in place programs to protect against emerging health 

  • Researchers who evaluate care and policy options and who find answers to complex health 

Intended Audience

  • Healthcare leaders (CEOs, COO, CIO)
  • Healthcare managers and directors
  • Data and decision analysts
  • Health delivery practitioners & professionals
  • Health professionals interested in learning about Precision Medicine