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Intelligent Computing for Health Care - “How Real Now? How Influential in Your Future?”

Wednesday, November 9th, 2016
9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Presented in partnership with HIMSS Ontario

Hy Eliasoph
HIMSS Education and Events Planning Committee

Shirley Fenton
Board Director
HIMSS Ontario


HIMSS Ontario Opening Remarks

Gloria Ringwood
HIMSS Ontario

Facilitator Opening Remarks

Sam Marafioti
Vice President Corporate Strategy and Development and Chief Information Officer
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Introduction of Keynote Speaker – Kenneth Kleinberg

Intelligent Computing for Health Care: How Real Now? How Influential in Your Future?

Intelligent computing/IC uses algorithms, heuristics, rules, machine/deep learning, and cognitive computing to solve problems typically performed by humans, as well as complex problems difficult for humans. Often inspired by biology, intelligent systems get smarter with use. While they have been in development for decades, they have only recently gotten good enough for people to notice, mostly due to advances in other industries such as transportation (self-driving cars), financial services (robo-investing) and retail service (virtual assistants). This presentation will look at applications of IC in health care in use today such as for information gathering and sensing, clinical decision support, robotics, intelligent medical devices, and advanced analytics. While many have a general skepticism that "machines" will ever be able to master human capabilities that we hold so dear, the rise of intelligent computing is approaching; and the world, especially the health care industry, is far from prepared for what's to come.

Learning Objectives:

  • What is intelligent computing and how it is being applied across industries
  • What are the most likely applications of IC in health care
  • How is IC advancing and how will it help to transform the healthcare industry

Kenneth Kleinberg, FHIMSS
Managing Director, Research
Advisory Board

Facilitated Discussion & Questions


Sam Marafioti

Sam Marafioti

Sam Marafioti, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

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Kenneth Kleinberg

Kenneth Kleinberg

Managing Director, Advisory Board

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