HIMSS Ontario Vendor Contest

HealthAchieve OHA, Metro Convention Centre, Toronto



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Innovative or Impractical?

Is your digital health solution innovative or impractical? Present your digital health solution to a panel of industry experts at the Ontario Health Association’s 2015 HealthAchieve conference and find out.

Vendor pitches must be submitted to himssontario@gmail.com no later than 16 September 2015. You can also direct any queries to the same e-mail address. We look forward to receiving your submission.

Session Overview

The Premise

Technology is very seductive. The question is: “Is it really useful?”, “Is it functional?” and “will it drive meaningful outcomes and benefits?” To date, various foundational technology initiatives have been implemented across Ontario. Now we need to look at leveraging these investments and avoid deploying technology for the sake of technology while losing sight of the big picture.

HIMSS Ontario, in cooperation with the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA), is providing a forum for a select group of digital health vendors to demonstrate how they can address the needs of Ontario healthcare organizations while leveraging existing investments. Three to four vendors will be shortlisted and invited to present at this session.

Vendor Presentations

The shortlisted of healthcare IT vendors will be invited to present their digital health solutions to a dynamic panel of judges representing a cross section of healthcare stakeholders. These vendors will attempt to position the value of their solutions in the context of leveraging existing infrastructure, repositories and/or portals in order to improve care coordination and support emerging models of care.

Each vendor will be allotted approximately ten minutes to present their value proposition to our panel of judges. This will be an excellent opportunity to present to a room of approximately 150 healthcare attendees and also obtain value feedback from our panel of industry experts.

Upon completion of the vendor presentations, the judges will convene and announce the winning vendor. The winning vendor will also receive formal recognition through HIMSS social media and communications channels during and after the session.

Vendor Submissions

Vendors are invited to submit a one-page summary value proposition ‘pitch’ which will be reviewed by a committee comprised of a cross section of HIMSS Ontario members. We encourage you to be concise and to tailor your message in the context of the criteria below. Successful vendors will be notified upon completion of the committee’s evaluation in early September.

Our objective is to highlight vendors who can provide solutions to healthcare stakeholders in Ontario. HIMSS Ontario will not limit vendor selection based on the scope of the vendor’s solution, the vendor’s size, or outcomes that may or may not directly impact patient care. Evaluation criteria may include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Is there a Clinical value impact (patient outcomes, improves safety etc.)?
  • Does the solution comply with Industry standards?
  • Does the solution leverage existing provincial assets (e.g. LIS, DI, portals etc.)?
  • Is there an IT value (improve efficiencies, reduce costs, ROI etc.)?
  • Does it facilitate data sharing and/or care coordination?
  • Are there any proven use cases for your solution globally?

Please note, vendor pitches do not need to meet all of these criteria. Some solutions may only have an IT impact. Others may only have a patient outcome impact. Solutions that have a wider impact may be evaluated with a higher score. HIMSS Ontario seeks a varied cross section of solutions.

Additional Materials: