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Publications (peer reviewed and non peer reviewed)

March 2, 2020 publication by Chapter Member, Greg Horne, Principal Health Analytics Strategist, SAS.  In his article, Greg talks about how data interoperabilty is needed for analytics in health care.  Excerpt:  "...Analytic interoperability occurs when relevant patient data is brought together and delivered through one access point with one goal in mind: better outcomes. It allows the caregiver to better understand the patient; operations and financial leadership is better able to plan; and it aligns the network of providers, both new and old, to the needs of the population they serve and the channels they operate..." To read more and comment please visit Why analytic interoperability matters in health care


McCallum, Todd. (2020). A continuity of care maturity framework: A reference tool for Ontario Health Team to assess and guide their journal to connected care. Click here for article.


Topaloglou, Thodoros. (2020). FHIR, the time is now! Click here for article. 


HIMSS Ontario. (2019). Cybersecurity in healthcare. The article contains an exerpt from the 2019 HIMSS Cyber-security Survey Final Report. Click here for article.


July 2, 2019 publication by Member, Greg Horne, Principal Health Analytics Strategist, SAS.  In his article, Greg discusses the potential for AI to augment clinical decisions, forecast the impact of potential disease outbreaks, and establish patient safety protocols. To read more and comment please visit  Can AI Propel Us Towards Universal Health Coverage?




March 2020 - watch Derek Ritz's HIMSS20 bite-sized video below as he explains the International Patient Summary (IPS) for Computable Care Guidelines (CCG) in 200 seconds or less...


July 11, 2019 - watch Derek Ritz's and Bryn Rhodes' bite-sized 200 second video below as they explain a new specification being developed to operationalize “computable care guidelines”:

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